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There are many lessons in life that my mom imparted to me growing, one of which was you never arrive at an event empty handed. Gatherings that call for a dish to share are easy – I’ve already become known for our family tex mex dip (recipe coming later this week!) – but I always struggle a bit more when selecting a non-food hostess gift. Fancy soaps sit unused in a bathroom drawer and, although classic, a bottle of wine is undeniably a bit trite. Here are my top ten hostess gifts with a pop of personality that your host or hostess will appreciate.

  1. Bring tomorrow’s breakfast! A jar of homemade jam and a fresh loaf of artisan bread from a local bakery will have your hosts singing your praises come morning.
  2. If you know the color scheme of your host’s kitchen, a quality dishtowel will be used and loved long after the event. I like 100% organic cotton and think these, these, and these are beautiful.
  3. An interactive party game is always a good thing for someone who loves to entertain to have on hand. We’ve had some legendary game nights playing this and this.
  4. Although it may be a bit more responsibility than some hosts will appreciate, a small plant or potted herb is one of the favorite hostess gifts I’ve ever received.
  5. A stack of gossip magazines! Something everyone can indulgence in but rarely would buy for themselves.
  6. If you are visiting an out of town guest, bring something local from back home. For example, we’ve been known to bring a bottle of high quality olive oil from Olympia Olive Oil or a bag of coffee beans from Raven’s Brew Coffee, a roaster in Tumwater.
  7. As someone who has paid more pickles than I should have for paper grocery bags, a reusable shopping bag would make a lovely, yet practical, hostess gift. I think this one is adorable, this one so clever, and this sassy one would make a fabulous gift.
  8. A set of stationary cards. I feel as though I’m frequently dashing off to the grocery store to grab a thank you card, a thinking of you card, etc. What a sweet gesture it would be to give your host a set with their initials or a generic design so they could always have some on hand. These are carried at Target across the country.
  9. I am the messiest cook you’ve ever hoped to see so I’ve tried the full apron and I’ve tried the half and I find the half gives me somewhere to wipe my hands but doesn’t get in the way nor require constant adjustments the way a full apron does. I think this one is darling for a hostess gift.
  10. Finally, when in doubt you can never go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers.
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