Women’s March on Washington

Have you heard of the Women’s March on Washington? It’s happening the day after the inauguration – January 21st – in Washington D.C. The march already has over 500,000 RSVP’s, and there are hundreds more going on simultaneously across the country. If you are local to the Olympia, Washington area our march begins at 10 am at the capital. You can find an the Facebook event here and a write up on the event from The Olympian  here.

I think the importance of this march in light of our the current direction of our country cannot be understated. A huge gathering at the nation’s capital will undeniably get lots of public attention (it’s currently estimated to draw over 500,000 people and the actual inauguration expected attendance is 800,000 for perspective). If history proves to be repeatable, the march could have a real impact on issues that actually matter and could inspire the next generation of Gloria Steinem’s and Rosa Parks. The organizers of the march have said that the agenda for this march includes supporting equality for all – immigrants, religious groups, LGBT, anyone who may have their right’s threatened by the incumbent president. If you are interested, I enjoyed listening to the two leaders of the march talk about what it means to them and their perspective on Pod Save America. You can find that episode here (it’s the first episode, on the bottom of the page). The whole episode is wonderful and informative but that interview starts at 35:00.

I would also like to mention that this march is not specifically about the new president but rather many of the policies and priorities of his administration. I do think that it’s limiting to think of the march as a reaction to Donald Trump. As Lexi Mainland on A Cup Of Jo said, “Yes, it took the election to galvanize this march, for women to stand up and say they’ve had enough of misogyny and inequality. This is much bigger than the election, though. We’re fighting for human rights”.

[Women’s March image via A Cup Of Jo]

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